Welcome to the online home of Dr JT Steel & WhiteSteel Records ~ A Steelworks World Domination Enterprise. Please stand by as we are renovating.

To the People of Earth, Greetings... Steelworks - World Domination Enterprises is the Creative Hub and Storefront of primarily myself, Dr JT Steel, and Lady M although other artists may occasionally be featured as well. So just who is *this* Dr Steel?? I'm glad you asked... Allow me to introduce myself:  I am Dr JT Steel, and I cannot confirm nor deny that I may or may not, in point of fact, be quite mad. Inspired by Rion Vernon (and a number of other creative minds), and continuing the creative legacy of my predecessor Phineas, I too seek to promote the message of the Army of Toy Soldiers and transform the World through song, comedy, and other creative endeavors into our Utopian Playland… A Better World where imagination, fun, creativity, happiness, individuality, and play are among the top priorities. Long story short, the World has forgotten how important these things are, regardless of your age. I seek to remind humanity that fun has no age limit, while I and my Fellow Toy Soldiers make the world a better place… For us. I mean, of course... a better World for ALL of us. 

Through the shop, Lady M and I will offer signed copies of our albums, songs, and art from WhiteSteel Records as well as other memorabilia, art, and eccentricities.

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